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When you call Addiction Friend, you will be connected to your local addiction advisor. They will have knowledge of treatment services in your area and can advise you on what you should do to move forward towards recovery. They can help you as much as you want them to and there will be no pressure on you to commit to any actions. They are just there to help you!

Addiction is a complex disorder that can affect people in different ways. The success rate for those who have attended addiction treatment is high but long-term recovery is a constant battle. There are no guarantees that addiction treatment will be successful but it is a better option than not seeking treatment at all.

The sooner the better. You should not wait until you have reached rock bottom before you do something about it. The earlier you seek treatment, the greater the chance of long-term recovery and the return to a normal and fulfilling life.

Addiction Friend make the whole process of finding treatment as easy as possible. Addiction treatment is not a case of “one size fits all” so no single treatment plan is suitable for everyone. Addiction Friend will guide you through the entire process from first contact to completion of an aftercare programme, matching you to a suitable treatment setting and addressing your needs and circumstances to enable the best chance of recovery.

The cost of any treatment can vary enormously. At Addiction Friend, we believe that you don’t necessarily get what you pay for! Most of the luxury rehab providers do offer a superior level of care but this is not always the case. Addiction Friend can help you get the best value for your treatment whatever your budget might be. If finances are a problem or your health insurance will not cover the cost of treatment, we can help you find a lower cost alternative or put you in touch with some free local services.

If you don’t have the funds available to pay for treatment, some private health insurers may cover some, if not all of the cost. The level of cover will depend on your policy and the required treatment programme. For those without insurance cover, there are some free services available that may be able to provide some help.

Inpatient rehab programmes recommend a minimum of 28 to 90 days, but the length of stay will depend on individuals needs and circumstances. It is also worth remembering that recovery is an ongoing commitment that will likely include a period of aftercare and participation in support groups. Since there is no predetermined length of treatment, an assessment with an Addiction Friend adviser will help you understand the scope of your addiction, and give you an idea what time frame might be required to address the problem.

Treatment will be tailored to your individual needs and circumstances. It will typically consist of multiple forms of therapy and may also require pharmacological support. Rehabilitation will focus on gaining an understanding of the problem you face and finding solutions to move away from destructive behaviours.

In rare instances where someone has a moderate case of alcohol misuse, a goal of achieving controlled drinking is possible. With most drugs like heroin and cocaine, abstinence is absolutely the only option.

Insurance is accepted by some rehabilitation programmes. If you have health insurance, your plan may pay for your treatment or contribute towards certain aspects of care. It is useful to talk with your insurance company to discuss the details and whether or not you will be covered for treatment as insurance policies vary greatly depending on the provider and service plan.

Addiction Friend is a free service for anyone suffering from addiction. Whether you are looking to help yourself or to get advice on how to help someone you care about, our addiction specialists will guide you through the process and direct you towards the most appropriate treatment. With access to an international network of addiction treatment services, we can take care of all the details for you and help you get the best possible care.

Yes. There is no charge for the advice and support we provide at Addiction Friend. Counselling and aftercare services available from associated professionals will however incur some costs at a rate agreed in advance.

Families and friends are usually well placed to help someone take steps towards overcoming addiction. If you notice a problem with someone’s behaviour and wish to discuss the matter with them, it should be performed in a non-confrontational manor. Addiction Friend can offer you help and support if you want to confront the issue and provide guidance on how to address the situation without exacerbating the problem further.

Most inpatient rehabs in Asia require a minimum of 28 days. The total length of stay will depend on your progress during treatment.

In some cases your health insurance may cover some or all of the cost of treatment. Your insurance provider will be best placed to inform you of any restrictions or limitations relating to addiction treatment cover.

You do not have to be referred by a doctor. Prior to attending any rehab you will however be assessed by an addiction professional to establish your needs and circumstances. A reputable rehab will need to gather information from you in order to create an individualised treatment plan that may or may not include inpatient care.

Most rehabs in Asia are of a very high standard. At Addiction Friend, we only recommend services that have a proven track record in providing a high level of care and service.

Most rehabs are all inclusive. The cost of flights is typically not included and there may additional fees for medication and personal items.

Yes! We can make all arrangements for you and liaise with treatment providers to ensure you receive all the information you need to attend treatment.

No! There is no cost to you for using our service.

Treatment is almost always in English. Most rehabs accept patients from all over the world so English is the preferred language unless special arrangements have been made in advance.

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