Rehab Centre Payment Options



If you have the funds available and wish to enter a private rehab treatment programme, we can make all the arrangements and take care of all the details on your behalf. Addiction Friend does not accept payments, but we do provide all the necessary information to facilitate direct payment to the service provider.



If you have health insurance, your provider may cover some or all of the cost of attending a treatment programme. Some policies may cover a certain time in inpatient rehab; others may only cover some aspects like counselling. It is therefore important to establish the facts before committing to a treatment programme.

Health insurance and the level of cover it provides can be confusing. With so many service providers and a wide variation in what will and will not be covered, your insurance company themselves would be best placed to answer any questions you have.

Alternatively, if we recommend a rehab for you, we can liaise with the treatment facility and establish to what extent your insurance will pay for the cost of treatment.

insurance is accepted at rehab centres
Questions to ask your Insurers
  • Which substances are covered and do any restrictions apply
  • What treatment is covered, for example: inpatient, outpatient, counselling, medications
  • Does it cover a medicated detox (if you need one)
  • What is the procedure for admission
  • Are there any clauses that may invalidate your ability to claim


Also ask if there are any restrictions to:
  • Which rehab clinic you can choose
  • The amount of money they will pay
  • The time spent in treatment
  • Any additional costs that may have to be paid


Please contact us if you have any questions about paying for rehab or would like to know if your insurance cover will pay for any treatment.

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