Hong Kong Addiction Treatment and Rehab Centres

If you’re in Hong Kong and looking for rehab centres and treatment for addiction, there are a number of options available. These include:


Private Inpatient Rehab for Hong Kong Residents

When it comes to residential inpatient rehab, Hong Kong doesn’t have much in the way of private, non-government services. Due to the cost value and high quality of care that can be received outside Hong Kong, international rehab destinations are becoming a popular option for Hong Kong residents.

Rehabs in Thailand, Bali and Malaysia are within relatively easy reach for people in Hong Kong who can afford to pay for private treatment. In some cases your health insurance may also cover the cost (or part of).


Residential Drug and Alcohol Rehab Clinics

Inpatient treatment programmes are available for drug addictions, alcoholism and behavioural disorders including problem gambling and eating disorders.

Whilst residential rehab might be regarded as expensive, leading providers of drug and alcohol addiction treatment in Asia are able to offer good value for money when compared like-for-like with rehabs in the UK, US and Australia.

In addition to the cost benefits and convenience, rehabs in Asia provide mostly luxury treatment settings and once-in-a-lifetime activities that make the whole recovery process that bit more enjoyable.

Some could argue that it’s just one big holiday but the reality is that most rehabs are actually quite intensive and leave little time between treatment therapies to be tempted to relapse.

inpatient drug treatment

Hong Kong Outpatient Treatment

Outpatient rehab is particularly effective for early-stage addicts with a focus on building techniques for overcoming addiction. Outpatient addiction treatment allows you to stay at home during the duration of treatment and attend only during the day.

It is not always the best option, but for those where it is an appropriate method of treating addiction, it is more cost effective and is not too disruptive to you day-to-day life.


“A severe addiction to certain substances, such as heroin or oxycodone, is typically best treated in an inpatient residential program to help manage detoxification and withdrawal.”


Perhaps the most prominent of the outpatient treatment services in Hong Kong is The Cabin. An international addiction treatment group with roots in Thailand in the form of residential treatment centres, and having local outpatient care at numerous sites around the world including Singapore, Sydney, Dubai, Bangkok and Holland.

There are other outpatient treatment options within Hong Kong that do excellent work but it’s always recommended that the chosen service provider is researched before committing to any long-term treatment plan.

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Individual Counselling and Therapy

Hong Kong is lucky to have a number of addiction treatment services provided by professionals in the mental health and psychology arena. There are numerous options that can be found with a bit of research into local services that can help you enter a treatment plan.

One-on-one counselling is a good option for some addicts who do not require a detox or full-time care. Such services are particularly useful for anyone who has completed a residential programme and just needs to maintain sobriety with a little support as and when it’s needed.

Although some rehab centres themselves provide aftercare as part of a complete treatment package, it’s not always enough to maintain a life away from destructive behaviours. The transition from rehab back to your ‘normal life’ can be difficult, so maintenance in the form of counselling can be extremely helpful.

drug counselling therapy

Free Services

Narcotics Anonymous (NA) and Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) are good examples of free services that can also form an important role in the aftercare process.

The 12 steps model as practiced by NA and AA is based on the same method used by most rehabs and other common addiction services for many years now.

Although not always the best option, the supportive role found within treatment settings like these makes it a helpful tool in maintaining long-term abstinence from addiction.

Group therapy has long been recognised as one of the most effective mediums of gaining support as those around you have faced similar difficulties and battles with addictions.

There are also more “specialist” self-help groups that focus on specific substances and addictions like Cocaine Anonymous. Becoming a part of the recovery community is recommended which ever route you choose and meetings are usually held frequently.

Finding help for addiction in Hong Kong

If you are looking to enter an addiction treatment programme for substance abuse or behavioural disorders, Addiction Friend can help you by assessing your needs and recommending a treatment solution based on your own circumstances.

Help and advice is also available to family members and friends of addicts who are looking to get someone they care about into a treatment programme. In addition to serving Hong Kong residents, advice is also available to anyone in Asia as part of the international Addiction Friend network.

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Looking for urgent treatment?

We can book you into treatment and take care of all the details.

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Drug addiction treatment in Hong Kong

Drug addiction treatment and rehabilitation in Hong Kong caters for divergent needs of drug dependent persons through a multi-modality approach by government and private addiction services. Drug treatment services can be categorised as follows:


Non-governmental – voluntary drug rehabilitation and treatment services

Hong Kong has an estimated 40 drug treatment and rehab centres, including halfway houses, of which 19 are subvented by the Social Welfare Department or Department of Health.

Voluntary inpatient and residential drug rehabilitation programmes are primarily managed and run by the Caritas Hong Kong, the Society for the Aid and Rehabilitation of Drug Abusers (SARDA), the Hong Kong Christian Service, and numerous other Christian agencies.

They cater for the needs of drug dependent persons that seek residential treatment and social integration on a voluntary basis. A number of treatment plans and methodologies have been developed to cater for the needs of drugs abusers from various socioeconomic backgrounds.


Voluntary outpatient drug rehabilitation and counselling services

Hong Kong has a number of private clinics that provide outpatient care and rehabilitation programmes. Counselling and psychiatric services are maintained by professionals and healthcare clinics who provide treatment and support services like counselling and therapy for drug addiction.

There are also free services available in Hong Kong like narcotics anonymous and other more specific drug abuse therapy groups that hold meetings frequently.


Correctional Services Department – compulsory placement programme

The compulsory placement scheme, operated by the Correctional Services Department, is focused on convicted offenders who are drug dependent and require treatment. It applies not only to those convicted of drug offences but encompasses those serving time in correctional establishments for other offences. Its aim is to prepare inmates for reintegration into society by trying to prevent a relapse and return to drug abuse.


Department of Health – voluntary methadone outpatient treatment

The department of health outpatient methadone treatment programme offers maintenance for those in abstinence and a methadone detoxification services.

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It helps to reduce illicit use and self administration of drugs by opiate users by blocking their cravings.

Attendees have the option the maintain abstinence with methadone if they are unable to reach a level of complete and total abstinence unaided.

Distribution of methadone by those participating in the programme is controlled by the Department of Health, and works on a basis of a gradual reduction in the methadone provided to opiate users.

The Hospital Authority – substance abuse clinics

Substance abuse clinics are operated by seven service clusters of the Hospital Authority that accept referrals from counselling centres, patients seeking help by themselves, as well as those directed by voluntary agencies and health care providers. Available services under this category include counselling, drug treatment and psychotherapy.

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