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Drug Rehabilitation

Take the first step and get yourself on the right track to recovery. Find local drug treatment services or travel as a medical tourist in Asia and enjoy luxury treatment settings and high quality care.

Residential inpatient treatment for drug addictions are available in Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and beyond Asia.

Get worry free access to world-class drug rehabs and explore your options and find a recovery solution within your budget.

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Rehab for Alcoholism

Inpatient alcohol rehab is the most effective form of treatment for alcoholism. Rehabilitation for alcohol abuse will usually involve a medicated detox. We can match you with a rehab that is equipped to deal with your detox under medical supervision.

Escape to a private treatment centre and enjoy a tropical climate in harmony with nature and focus 100% on long-term sobriety.

Simple Rehab Admission Process


Treatment for Gambling Addiction and Impulse Control Disorders

Process addictions include gambling disorders, sex addiction, internet addictions and eating disorders. Treatment will typically use Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) to change your mindset and refrain from compulsive and destructive behaviours.

Find specialised treatment in Asia for problem gambling and process addictions. Inpatient rehabilitation with counselling, group therapy and individualised recovery plans provide effective treatment for gambling disorders and will allow you to move forward to a life free from addiction.

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Addiction Treatment in Taiwan

Explore treatment options for yourself or someone you care about. Taiwan has a number of outpatient and counselling services that provide help and support for addictions.

There are also government programmes including inpatient admission to the Addiction Prevention and Treatment Departments associated with psychiatric services. Identification is required and there are costs associated with using these services.

Rehab Options in Asia

Addiction rehabilitation centres in Asia offer good value for money and a level of luxury beyond what can be found in Europe and the US.

Highly regarded as providing quality care and treatment, rehabs in Asia are becoming the preferred choice for expats needing addiction help.

Addiction Friend can connect you with treatment programmes that match your personal profile – and within your budget!

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Find Addiction Treatment in Taiwan and Asia

Treatment services including inpatient and outpatient rehab are available for all addictions and behavioural disorders. Call your local adviser for the latest information on addiction and how it affects you. Get instant access to rehab and begin your journey to sobriety.

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