About Addiction Friend

Addiction Friend was established to offer independent support and advice to anyone affected by addiction or compulsive behaviours – and to connect them with treatment services that can help.

Most of the team at Addiction Friend are themselves in recovery and know exactly what it feels like to face the illness of addiction. Through our expertise and experience, we can make the path to recovery easier by finding the best treatment plan and removing the confusion and fear associated with asking for help.


What we do

We have a multinational team of addiction professionals and advisers with knowledge of local and international addiction treatment services. We allow anyone who chooses to use our services the best chance of receiving the right help when they need it most.

addiction friend team work

Advice and Support

We offer independent help and support to anyone suffering from addiction, including friends and family members of those affected. We can provide guidance and resources to help you better understand the illness and to cope with the difficulties faced.

The free information and support we provide at Addiction Friend is not intended to replace advice you receive from your healthcare professional, rather to supplement it and help you, a family member or friend make an informed decision.


Addiction Treatment

Addiction Friend offers local treatment services including counselling and aftercare provision in selected locations. These services are provided by Addiction Friend representatives. Please contact us for more information on our local treatment services (there is a charge associated with the use of these services).


Rehab Referrals

Addiction Friend advisers can perform an assessment and recommend rehabs for treating addictions based on your individual circumstances.

Our team will only recommend treatment providers and rehabs that have a proven track record, with effective treatment programmes that provide the best possible chance to beat addiction and move forward towards a better life.  We are not affiliated to any one rehab provider which means we are in the best position to offer accurate and impartial advice.


*Please remember, if you face a life threatening  emergency, or are in imminent danger, please contact your local emergency services – we are unable to offer urgent medical assistance.