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Addiction Treatment and Recovery from Substance Abuse

Professional Treatment Programmes

Addiction Friend give you access to addiction recovery programmes that provide effective treatment. We can help you choose from the leading facilities, including inpatient treatment centres for drug/alcohol addictions and behavioural disorders.

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We make the whole process of finding help and entering treatment as easy as possible. Your Addiction Friend adviser can assess your situation and connect you with the most suitable treatment facility – all in a few simple steps.

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    Pay less for addiction treatment without compromising on quality

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Why Choose Addiction Friend?

By assessing and reviewing your needs on an individual basis, we can help you find the most appropriate treatment so you get the best chance of long-term recovery from addiction. Having guidance and help along the way will mean you don’t end up in an unsuitable rehab without the expertise and facilities necessary to for overcoming addictive behaviours.

We want everyone to receive the best possible care. Addiction Friend will only recommend treatment programmes that are suitable for you as an individual – and within your budget. We can also liaise with the rehab to ensure that treatment is tailored to meet your needs and circumstances. If we believe that a treatment provider is involved in unethical practices, we simply won’t recommend that you attend!

The family play an important role in achieving long-term recovery. We can provide support and answer any questions about your treatment before, during and after a stay in rehab. We can also direct family members and friends to information and resources that place them in the best possible position to help you throughout the journey of recovery.

Most rehabs provide a good service and high standard of care, but unfortunately this is not always the case. A flashy website or a review on the internet does not mean you are going to get the best level of care to deal with your addiction. With a decision as important as choosing a rehab, it is good to know that the one you will be attending has been screened, and is reviewed on a regular basis to ensure standards are being maintained.

Most of the team at Addiction Friend are themselves in recovery. We know what it feels like to be in the grip of addiction and want to help others who are in a difficult and dangerous position in their lives. It can sometimes be a case of life or death decisions being made when recommending the best form of treatment, so we will do all we can to make sure you get the best possible care.

Addiction Friend is a free service. Rest assured that you will never be asked to pay any money for any of the services that we offer. We are also independent. This means we are not tied into or influenced by any treatment provider. This places Addiction Friend in a position where we can offer you multiple treatment options, leaving the final decision up to you.

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